Google’s website on civil rights movement practises discrimination

Google's 'March on Washington' website on the Civil Rights movement practices discrimination

You just cannot miss the irony trying to access Google’s website on the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr’s historic “I have a dream” speech on a web browser other than Google’s own Chrome. A website on equality, practising discrimination! A cold message appears on a dark background, “Your device is not supported. [Read more]

ISPs aren’t even sure why they are blocking a URL

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Wondering if we can sue ISPs and government agencies for restricting access to legitimate content. If the courts can be approached to restrict content why not to remove the restrictions and make the people responsible pay for the inconvenience? We have seen a number of variants of the vague notices that ISPs display when users [Read more]

Why I won’t ever buy from (and neither should you)

Shoddy service. Six months and still no delivery.

This is not a rant, but an expression of consumer dissatisfaction. A part of an effort to prevent other unsuspecting customers from being cheated by unscrupulous e-commerce websites. It has been SIX MONTHS today since I ordered some gifts for my niece and nephew from and there is no trace of delivery and also [Read more]

Dear Seventymm, you suck!

A few days ago my brother went to watch Ra.One and he was not very pleased to see as the merchandise partner for the film (It is a different story that neither my nephew nor my niece were very pleased with the movie either). The reason was that something that I had sent for [Read more]

How to easily get unflattering content removed from a website

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Some of you have enquired about why the post on Dolly Bindra on Fantasy magazine cover suddenly disappeared from the blog and I believe I owe you an explanation. I took off the post because Dolly Bindra requested me to and I thought she had a valid argument and I should oblige. Also I think [Read more]

Trust the Chinese to sell maternity jeans for men

I am not an avid online shopper, but am slowly changing my purchasing priorities. While nothing can beat the experience of the touch and feel of offline shopping, there are stuff that you cannot easily find in the neighbourhood stores. And there are things that you discover online that is very unlikely to get any [Read more]

Announcing – The gateway to my online existences

I had this plot of online real estate for many years, that was used only as an address for letters to reach me. But anyone not knowing my mailing address and looking for me could not find that plot, as it did not have any construction, save the letter box. Not even a boundary wall. [Read more]

More than Lok Pal, it is the Internet that Can Stop Corruption

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Almost everyone seems to be an activist. People who have no clue about what the Jan Lok Pal Bill is all about, are extending their wholehearted support for its implementation. Where there is a tide, the general public tends ride it, not knowing where exactly they will land. The key word here is ‘corruption.’ People [Read more]

Savita Bhabhi blocked again in India (also Typepad and Mobango)

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The infamous Indian sister-in-law, after her initial brush with the Indian law in 2009 when the domain was shown the red flag by sarkari babus, remained low for a while before making a comeback on a new domain.

Censored in India, Savita Bhabhi goes French

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She’s one porn star who has everyone ‘excited’, right from the government babus to the editors in the newsrooms. Though Savita Bhabhi has been back after the ban via a new domain, the resurrection also seems to have been obstructed. The new website doesn’t seem accessible directly (there’s always the other way around), atleast [Read more]

No videos! Because deleted my account

Cutting the CHai - Default featured image has deleted my account because I apparently violated their terms of service. I assume that it has something to do about the ads that I upload, they might have interpreted it as promotion for the goods/services. The worst part is that I wasn’t even informed. Though my intention, as any regular reader of this [Read more]