Dear Friend…

The worth of a friend like all other good things in life is best realised in their absence. I make few friends and retain even fewer. Time ticks, life moves…Continue Reading →

The Remix Revolution

No, this is not about the stupid TV serial where XI standard students are taught history, chemistry and accountancy in…


The Marathon Runners

Every locality has its character actors. The types who happen to be present on every occasion. They might not be…


Music for a Song

Online piracy has been for long a nuisance to the music industry. Much publicised battles have been fought on the…


Organic Empathy

A Muslim woman undergoes a kidney transplant in Mumbai. All she knows about her brain dead donor is that he was a Hindu Gujarati vegetarian. As a mark of gratitude…Continue Reading →

Blue Jeans in my Genes

Little did the young immigrant from Bavaria called Levi Strauss and a Nevada tailor named Jacob Davis realize while filing…


Casting My Caste

The caste-ridden Hindi heartland of India is often quite predictable. The query about an individual’s name is inevitably followed by an inquiry into one’s status in the caste hierarchy. The…Continue Reading →